Friday, May 18, 2012

Mounting A Glass Rack Under A Partial Board OR MDF Counter/Cabinet

Particle board or MDF, are commonly used material these days.
Many manufactures of counter tops, cabinets, curio hutches, entertainment centers and alike, use this material because it is cost effective for them.
However, partial board can be a pain to try and screw through, as it can be brittle.

You most certainly want to make small pilot holes to help prevent the screws
from wallowing out as you try to screw in any type of 'add on' appliance.
Another tip to ensure your wine glass rack (or any appliance)
will stay in place, is to use either a wood glue, or construction adhesive.
This also holds true if you plan on mounting a glass rack under a marble counter top
or any other non porous surface.

We recommend using either LIQUID NAILS, Gorilla Glue, or even Elmer's Wood Glue or for this type of mounting application.
Just be sure to check the formula you use, to ensure it will work with
the surface in which you wish to mount your glass rack to.